These multiples must-haves are recommended by our club members based on their personal experiences with these products.  Click on the pictures of the products to view full product descriptions and pricing through Amazon.


Fisher Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper                    My Brest Friend Twins Nursing Pillow
“This is great for feeding times and                           “This was great for nursing twins.”
resting times. You can rock them or                           -Mother of Twins
it moves when they move. I bought two
of them and use them a lot.”
-Mother of twins


boppy                                                                       aden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddle Blanket


Boppy                                                              Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
“I have one for each baby.                               -Mother of Twins
Used as support to nurse, to
lay infants in, lay babies in to bottle
feed at same time, and used as a
support as they started sitting up.”
-Mother of Twins



BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller                  Nobody Ever Told Me (or my Mother) That!
“It’s a wonderful double stroller to                        Author: Diane Chapman Bahr
run or jog with as it pushes with                          “This is by far my favorite baby
ease and is easy to control. It’s lockable                development book that is written for
front swivel wheel makes it versatile                     parents.  It has so many great tips
for running or taking a easy stroll.                        for all babies from birth to 3.  This is
I love the large sunshades that protect                 my go to book.” -Mother of Preemie Twins
the twins, and the three point straps. And
I have to say I find it to fold easy
and small for a double stroller. At first I didn’t
want to spend this much for a stroller and had
purchased another kind and hated it. In my
opinion it’s worth it.” -Mother of Twins

spacesaver                                                              jumparoo

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair                      Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo
“They are easy to clean, easy to transport,            “All three of my kids love this.  They
and take up minimal space. What isn’t to love?      would probably bounce for hours if
My mom has the first years infant to toddler           I let them. I like that it has built-in toys
seat at her house for the kids, but I do not         on the tray around it which makes it more
recommend it. The seat is very small,                  interactive than the jumpers you hang
when it is reclined for  younger infants,                in the doorway.” -Mother of Triplets
the tray also reclines, and the material
seems cheaper.” -Mother of Triplets

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